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Obsessed with finding optimal solutions, a colleague and I spent an afternoon pair programming, alongside our friend ChatGPT. Our self-imposed challenge driven by our sense of perfectionism was to refine an already working process. As geeks, it is always an absolute joy to engage with new technologies and explore and unravel their capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what we know and use.

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We are entering the new era of AI, When opportunities are countless and challenges are many, the question isn't whether to embrace change, but how to leverage it for maximum impact.

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In the modern business world, the concepts of leadership, innovation, and success are undergoing a transformation, and businesses that don't adapt to these changes will struggle to thrive. One of the concepts that are being transformed is gender equality, the “we need more women in business” stance. It is changing from “let’s build a fairer society for all regardless of their gender” stance to “we are hurting as a society for the lack of female perspective”. From a “nice to have” to a “must have”.

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The ground we stand on has started shifting, faster than we have seen before, and some realise that it’s their strategy that must keep their business poised. Those with a spry strategy are pivoting, the business leaders who are committed to the principles of Assess > Align > Act.

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