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Insights to highlight the business applications of technology. We hope to inspire changemakers to see what is possible in their quest in breaking through barriers.  

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As is to be expected, creativity plays a pivotal role in innovation. Without it, there can be no innovative solutions. However, creativity needs to be targeted; it must solve an actual problem; it has to be beneficial to someone. Otherwise, there will only be creativity without actual innovation. In order for innovation to come to life, a process needs to be in place.

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PE houses have long played a key role in creating value for their portfolio companies through cost-cutting and revenue-growth strategies. However, in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, digital transformation has emerged as a key driver of value creation.

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Despite the richness of data resources at our disposal, the modern world has become too complex for one mind to grasp it fully. To be successful in the diverse, constantly shifting VUCA modern business world, to create what evolutionary biologists call 'survival fitness', one needs a different mindframe.

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When times are good, businesses may not be as concerned about being market leaders. A market leader position, however, can ensure not only survival but also growth during difficult times, such as recessions.

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