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How AI will transform the future of work

Artificial intelligence (AI) advancement in the form of Generative AI has increased the public interest in the subject dramatically. Questions about how it will impact many aspects of our lives including the future of work are raised, but mostly being discussed with great concerns and not many practical points that the public and experts can engage with to feel there is something they can do to impact the outcome.

Rather than displacement, I believe AI should be viewed through the lens of collaboration and augmented intelligence. AI can enhance human capabilities, I see it as the natural evolution of our species. Should we be scared/careful? Sure! Unknown is scary but it has always been the road to discovery and advancement. 

The future of work in the AI era holds exciting potential as well as serious challenges. We must thoughtfully guide our transition to this new world through ongoing dialogue. 

In collaboration with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, I have published a paper suggesting the 5 key questions that we need to keep exploring, so collectively we understand and design how AI is poised to transform the future of work.

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