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Search Acumen is a pioneer in PropTech. Since 2013  they've embraced cutting-edge technology to enhance their operations and partnered with Geeks early on, sharing a common vision for leveraging software and AI to transform business. 

Over the past decade, this collaboration has thrived. Their continuous challenge lies in staying ahead of the competition by addressing pain points and seizing new opportunities. Among their standout achievements is a SaaS product we developed, providing instant access to data from multiple local authorities. This system empowers conveyancers and property lawyers, enabling their clients to deliver exceptional customer service.

The challenge

Search Acumen regularly engages in strategy sessions with Geeks for a detailed assessment of their day-to-day operations, finding efficiency opportunities through emerging tech like AI, and aiding informed investments.

In a recent review, it became apparent that while many data providers offer direct interfaces, some still send data as email attachments. This forced Search Acumen into inefficient manual processes, causing significant delays—several weeks—in data processing. Initially manageable, this became impractical with their expanding client base, making continual hiring to manage these tasks unsustainable.

The solution

The solution

To break through this barrier to growth, Geeks developed a custom Machine Learning model, trained to classify emails into different categories with highly efficient data sorting. “Robbie”, the AI model, extracts and analyses information from attachments and email bodies to link it with the respective order of the client. It determines the category and verifies the information with details about the common local authorities. Robbie the Robot, described by Search Acumen, as the 'Indefatigable Employee', was praised for its accuracy, speed, and capabilities.

Robbie keeps learning and improving and currently handles around 90% of incoming emails by itself with no human assistance.

In the past 12 months, the business received over 65,000 emails, of which only 11% needed manual expert interventions which were immediately flagged by Robbie, and this was to verify minor aspects of information which were fed into Robbie’s learning.

This single change has transformed the email processing system; removing the manual strain of data processing on the team and reducing processing from weeks to completion within minutes. This helped to boost morale and productivity within the organisation as Robbie has freed up time for his human counterparts to contribute to more progressive tasks.

The impact

  • The AI agent, Instantly reviews and processes ≥90% of incoming emails with no human assistance.

  • Over 58,000 emails were managed by the AI agent without human interaction in the first 12 months

  • 100% accuracy on all completed tasks reducing human error rates.

  • Contributed to valuation of the company and successful acquisition due to AI adoption.

Andrew Lloyd Managing Director

We wouldn't exist without Geeks' support. They've allowed us to go from an unknown startup to a company with nearly 7.5% of the market share within a five-year period.

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We are proud to be on a journey with some ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who usher the way in making the world a better place by using software technology.

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