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Search Acumen, UK's leading property technology company, has over 75 years of combined experience. Having entered the market as a startup in 2013, and with their constant adoption of the latest technology, Search Acumen is now a leading force in the PropTech market. Their technology suite of products provides on-demand data to conveyancers and property lawyers from various local authorities, helping to ensure their clients can deliver excellent customer care. 

The challenge

Search Acumen was founded with a vision of being a technology leader in their market. The challenge, however, was that although many data providers offered direct interfaces, some still provided data as email attachments. For this reason, Search Acumen was forced to implement inefficient manual processes when receiving this data in formats that are difficult for standard software systems to interpret and process. 

Initially, this was not a barrier to the growth of Search Acumen, but as the volume of the data and emails that required processing increased over the years, it became impractical to keep hiring new support team members to do such a tedious and error-prone task.

The solution

To break through this barrier to growth, Geeks developed a custom Machine Learning model, trained to classify emails into different categories with highly efficient data sorting. Robbie extracts and analyses information from attachments and email bodies to link it with the respective order of the client. It determines the category and verifies the information with details about the common local authorities. 

Robbie keeps learning and improving and currently handles around 90% of incoming emails by itself with no human assistance. 

The impact

The 'Indefatigable Employee' of Search Acumen, Robbie the Robot, is praised for its accuracy, speed, and capabilities. 

Last year, Search Acumen received over 65,000 emails, of which only 11% needed manual interventions where the experts only had to verify the minor aspects of information. 

The tasks which previously could have taken weeks are now completed within minutes. 

While transforming the email processing system, Robbie boosted productivity within the organisation, as the humans can now contribute to more progressive tasks.  

Together with Geeks, Search Acumen broke through the barrier of their skilled team’s time being wasted on processing a large volume of data accurately.  

Andrew Lloyd Managing Director

We wouldn't exist without Geeks' support. They've allowed us to go from an unknown startup to a company with nearly 7.5% of the market share within a five-year period.