Property & Facilities
Company size
The MITIE PLC Group is a strategic outsourcing company based in Bristol and has more than 200 satellite offices throughout the UK and Ireland. It provides infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property maintenance and a range of energy management services to its customers. The Lean Cleaning and Environment team, headed by Jon Lightowler who is a qualified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, is investing heavily in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and is currently defining the way outsourced cleaning services can be delivered.

The challenge

Geeks were commissioned to create a bespoke application, under the guidance of Jon Lightowler, to deliver a process cleaning management application. Its central concern, applied in the context of cleaning and environmental services, is the elimination of waste. The application would allow cleaning managers to design lean cleaning routes through large buildings, maximising time, saving resources and highlighting wastage. The application would also need to entail resource management, demand management, quality control, security issues and time tracking and be fully integrated with MITIE’s Vision FM offering, an FM platform that enables clients and employees to access contract information 24/7 and in real time.

The solution

Based on Lean Six Sigma principles, the application allows cleaning managers to build cleaning processes for complex sites, and that allows teams to measure and optimise cleaning processes for managing routes, the equipment used and resources employed. The system was fully integrated with the MITIE Vision FM system. Every process within the application is measured, reported, and graphically represented, offering managers the ability to control processes to the finest detail. The solution delivers a superior way of applying Lean Six Sigma to MITIE’s cleaning processes, saving clients time, money and valuable resources including energy. It's already being used to great effect at several of MITIE’s blue chip customers, including international telecoms and high street banking clients. It's been specially structured to demonstrate how the Lean Six Sigma methodologies can be adapted, and adopted by the cleaning and environmental industry. It delivers quality practices and establishes a culture of continuous improvement that leads to greater efficiencies in the workplace.