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Wild Ideation workshop delivered significant impacts for Birkin Group.

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A pioneering force in the facilities management industry, Birkin Group specialises in delivering top-tier cleaning and maintenance services.

With a steadfast commitment to efficiency and quality, Birkin Group leverages cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to ensure their operations are not just effective, but also environmentally sustainable and client-focused. Their dedication to excellence and innovation has established them as a leader in redefining facilities management standards.

The challenge

Birkin Group stands at a crossroads in the rapidly evolving facilities services sector, where enhancing operational efficiency and quality assurance has become imperative.

Faced with the task of optimising manual and time-consuming processes that lack agility and data-driven insights, Birkin Group aims to achieve two main objectives: significantly improve operational efficiency and consistently maintain high-quality service levels.

Achieving these goals requires a fresh and innovative approach tailored to meet the dual demands of efficiency and quality.  This presents not only opportunities to enhance productivity but also to enhance their proposition with technology in a way that has not yet been achieved in their industry.

The solution

In response to this complex challenge, Geeks facilitated a Wild Ideation workshop tailored specifically for the Birkin Group. This immersive, half-day workshop was designed to spark innovative thinking and collaborative solution-finding among the Birkin Group team. Participants were guided to think outside the box and envision transformative solutions through activities such as:

  • Framing the opportunity,

  • Defining the current and future states,

  • Challenging assumptions,

  • Generating a wealth of ideas, and 

  • Crafting a compelling business case. 

Geeks Ltd's expertise in leading the Wild Ideation process enabled Birkin Group to systematically explore and categorise ideas, focusing on actionable strategies that promised immediate improvements and set the stage for long-term innovation.

The impact

The Wild Ideation workshop delivered significant impacts for Birkin Group. By systematically identifying their operational challenges and opportunities through creative and strategic thinking, the workshop not only identified immediate "Now" and "Wow" ideas for quick implementation but also laid the groundwork for "How" ideas that promise future breakthroughs.

This process has significantly contributed to Birkin Group's ongoing journey towards digital transformation, and collaborations with key stakeholders and strategic partners. Not only has it has enabled the enhancement plans of both efficiency and quality in their service delivery, but it established a compelling business case to take to their Group Board.


Paul Ashton CEO

The Wild Ideation workshop with Geeks challenged our ways of thinking and unlocked a treasure trove of innovative ideas and helped to craft a strong business case that we're now eagerly exploring.

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