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Search Acumen are property technology and data experts, and they continue to be at the forefront of technological advances within their market. With 70 years’ combined experience they consistently push boundaries to drive change and innovate. They were first to deliver an intuitive online platform to drastically improve the conveyancing process, and are now recognised for their commitment to PropTech. We’re fortunate to have had a close working partnership with them from the very start of their business.

The challenge

To gain a competitive advantage Search Acumen wanted to offer their customers a unique and secure platform. Their vision was to create a platform where their customers could perform thousands of daily property searches and have quick access to hundreds of data sources at the click of a button. They were dedicated to creating an application that transformed the search element of the conveyancing process and introduced ultimate efficiencies, as well as access to a wealth of usable data.

The solution

Through our partnership, we have developed a deep understanding of Search Acumen’s vision and values. This has allowed us to effectively support them in their mission to create a platform like no other in the market. In June 2013 we jointly started to build the software from scratch, with a launch of version 1.0 in October 2013. The platform was a game-changer that gave Search Acumen the USP to gain market share rapidly. Previously laborious processes became automated, with end-users now having access to multiple data sets in one central place and all in real-time. As a result, Search Acumen grew to be a major player in their industry within a short space of time. Due to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the property market, Search Acumen is always thinking ahead. This ever-evolving attitude has led Geeks to continuously expand the platform into a suite of applications that can accommodate a large number of different needs within the commercial and residential real estate market. To futureproof the platform, we used a very robust architecture (hosted on AWS) which sustains constant changes and added functionality without affecting the performance or long-term maintainability; essential to meet the ever-changing needs of this market. Today, we continue to work closely together in active development using the Geeks’ Agile approach through which we are constantly creating new functionality in the application to apply new innovations and create value for both Search Acumen and their clients.

Andrew Lloyd Managing Director

Excellent, highly recommended. We subcontract all of our software development requirements to Geeks. Our five years with Geeks have seen us grow from start-up challenger business to industry disruptor utilising all of their skills and commitment every step of the way. PropTech is changing the face of property in the UK, and we are constantly throwing new challenges at Somayeh and her team, the latest being how we can use AI on our property data. They are almost as excited about it as we are. I cannot recommend them strongly enough. If you want a development partner who will feel like part of your business, then Geeks are for you.