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Mortgagez is a revolutionary new mortgage service to enable consumers to discover, compare and secure the very best deals available to them from across the entire market. From providing their customers with a quick quotation and helping them apply for their mortgage, to finding the right solicitor, Mortgagez delivers a premium, fee-free, smart solution to their customers, all from under one roof. Mortgagez mission is to be with their customers every step of the way to get them the best mortgage or remortgage deal. We’re fortunate to have worked with the Mortgagez team from the very start of their business to design, develop and implement their revolutionary software platform.

The challenge

As experienced mortgage advisors, the founders of Mortgagez sought to address the issues they saw their customers face while trying to obtain a mortgage. Time and time again, they saw frustrated prospective property buyers failing to get straightforward information about what they could afford, based on their income and deposit. Their vision was to streamline and transform the process of applying for a mortgage, making the customer journey seamless and simple. The platform would be a one-stop-shop for all of the paperwork and progress surrounding their application. It would allow customers to get easy and clear access to the best mortgage and remortgage deals across the market, as well as their own mortgage advisor, a secure applicant portal, and access to a range of qualified solicitors to finalise the contract details.

The solution

Through our partnership with Mortgagez, we developed a deep understanding of the size, complexity, and scale of their platform's business model and vision for the future of their business. This enabled us to find the right solution to make the project a success. In 2018 we jointly started to build the software from scratch, with the service launching in November 2020. Our partnership has resulted in a successful comprehensive application with clever features, which allows customers to apply for a mortgage seamlessly. These features include: an innovative mortgage calculator which allows applicants to see if they’re eligible to apply for a mortgage or remortgage; third party API integrations with industry-leading providers for applicants to search, filter and compare solicitors and the latest mortgage deals from top lenders in the market; and a comprehensive applicant portal and tracking system to manage the applicant process from start to finish. We have been on hand to advise Mortgagez around best practices for user experience and design, which was paramount to the application to enhance the customer journey. To ensure the application flows smoothly and provides a seamless experience, we’ve used animations, auto-scrolling, and responsive layout and components to improve the application. We’ve also developed the application to guide the applicant through each stage at the right time, only providing necessary information. This ensures the applicant will always know what their next steps are, and what they need to provide, using tasks and notifications. We look forward to Mortgagez service launch which we’re sure will be a future commercial success, with their unique offering to the mortgage market.

Vik Roda Director

The size, complexity, and scale of our platform's business model demanded a large, experienced, and knowledgeable team. I really struggled until I found Geeks through a Google search for software developers. Meeting their team was a breath of fresh air. Geeks offered the complete solution we needed. Geeks have an excellent company structure and method for planning, implementation, and deployment. They are absolutely extraordinary, and I can't say enough good things about them. Everyone from their team is involved and willing to help. We were never just dealing with one person. I can speak to anyone on their team, and they will find the right solution. Their personalized level of service made me feel deeply involved. I’ve had a much better experience working with them than I have with anyone else.