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The Story of You and AI: Mastering Storytelling in Business with Lazar Dzamic

Is your business story getting lost in the noise? Master the art of storytelling in the age of AI with the latest episode of our podcast "The Story of You and AI: Mastering Storytelling in Business"

Join us as we dive deep with branding & storytelling guru, Lazar Dzamic on why compelling narratives are essential for businesses today. You'll learn how to tell the story of your AI integration, avoid common pitfalls, and unlock the power of storytelling.

This episode of The Innovation Room tackles the critical role of narrative in the AI age. Lazar shares insights on crafting a captivating business story, navigating the integration of AI into your narrative, and avoiding common storytelling mistakes. He even offers executive tips for shaping your organisation's AI future.

Don't let your business story get lost! Listen to the full episode now:

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