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Our purpose

Break through for change

Real change never stops. Evolution is the solution.

You’re the changemaker, morphing your company into what’s next.

Trouble is, people don’t always want change. They’re stuck in legacy systems, where on-prem often means inward-facing. But “how we’ve always done it” isn’t safe any more.

So you’re here to rethink that thinking.

That’s where Geeks comes in. We’re here to smash what’s been holding you back. And we know it’s got to happen fast. So every Geek is powered by a fast-growth mindset, with a deep understanding of what technology can bring as your business takes on tomorrow.

We’re your total tech partner, offering the right software solutions at every step of your high-speed evolution. New thinking, new strategy, new possibilities for you, your customers and your entire organisation.

Now, what’s next?

Powered by our curiosity, courage and commitment

Powered by our curiosity, courage and commitment

We’re curious to grow and grow others

Fast-growth mindset means you grow, fast.

We have the courage to create kickass client value

Break the mould for real value.

We’re committed to collaborate

Everyone’s different in their geekiness.

Our passions

Geeks Academy

For years, we have invested in creating training programmes that open the door to those who would love to become geeks but haven't got the relevant degree or experience. 

We have designed our programmes to maximise the trainees' transferable skills while teaching them the ropes of being a geek as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

You can find out more about this initiative and our latest programmes at Geeks Academy

Project Geekess

Role models are strong factors in changing the imbalances in our societies, tech included. Our industry has so much to offer to women.

We are proud to do our part in inspiring more girls to join the industry. Follow #geekess on social media to learn the latest about this project. 

Geeks Charity Club

Geeks Charity Club is the oldest of our social clubs at Geeks. It's the home of the most caring geeks who come together at every opportunity to give to the local community, to the nation and to the world. 

The club chooses a local and a national charity every year to support and fundraise for.

To show our appreciation to the frontline workers during the pandemic, across 2020 & 2021 we are sponsoring the London Fire Brigade Football Club


Green Geeks Club

As a tech company, there is no surprise that we are 95% paperless. We also help all our clients to aim to be paperless businesses. But we recognise that's not enough.

We support Trees for Life and help to rewild the Scottish Highlands.

Our team of eco-warriors in Green Geeks Club also educates all of us to make a few small changes on a daily basis to protect our planet.