2021 UK Dev Awards

Geeks were shortlisted as finalists in the 2021 UK Dev Awards in the "App of the Year category. The winning application is our language learning app, WordUp, which serves millions of users worldwide.

WordUp is an innovative AI-powered English learning app developed by the Geeks Foundation - the non-profit arm of Geeks Ltd.

WordUp helps everybody, from beginners to native speakers, improve their English vocabulary. The app chooses the most relevant words, teaches them in context by providing user-tailored examples from engaging material such as movie clips and news articles, and personalises the learning to the user’s needs and interests. WordUp uses “spaced repetition” to help learners remember the words over time.

Focusing on learning the most relevant words first sounds obvious, but it doesn’t exist in any other tools. It enables the user to improve their language learning experience by focusing on what matters which is key to our success.

We are humbled to have won the App of the Year Award, which recognises the efforts of our brilliant development team and highlights Geeks as a market leader in the use of AI within the EdTech and software development industries. We are proud to be on a philanthropic mission to reach millions of users and improve the functionality and features of WordUp, to empower them to learn English.