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Digital Transformation Strategy

Know where you are today, so you can figure out the path to tomorrow, with DiGence®

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Navigating digital complexity with a data-driven approach

In today's fast-paced business world, leaders face a critical barrier to growth: inefficient digital systems. These hinder operational efficiency, leading to missed opportunities and reduced competitiveness. Often, evaluations of the current digital status are based on opinions rather than data, leaving leaders uncertain about the best path for digital transformation. To confidently understand how your digital systems impact your growth plan, you need data-based answers to these questions:

1. What digital systems are currently in use across the organisation, and are they being utilised effectively?

2. Do existing digital systems support or hinder operational efficiency?

3. Are you leveraging technology effectively for customer engagement and data analysis?

4. Are you prepared to integrate and capitalise on emerging technologies like AI?

5. Are your technology investments aligned with your business and operational needs?

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How we help: DiGence® - Your Digital Pathfinder


Digital Transformation Strategy with DiGence® offers a transformative solution to these pressing challenges. It provides a clear map of your current systems, how they are used, which ones to keep, and which to replace. It highlights gaps where technology solutions or AI can benefit your business the most, all based on objective data rather than subjective opinions.

This comprehensive, fact-backed approach paves the way for digital transformation, evolving your entire business strategy to meet modern market demands.

system mapping

Comprehensive Systems Mapping

DiGence® assesses your existing systems, identifying interconnections, inefficiencies, and areas needing modernisation, laying the groundwork for strategic improvements.

gap indentication

AI & Technology Gap Identification

DiGence® identifies where AI and advanced technologies can be integrated for maximum impact, pinpointing gaps to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.


Data-Driven Roadmap

DiGence® provides a clear, actionable roadmap, leveraging data-driven insights to forecast returns and ensure digital investments lead to tangible business improvements.

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Why having the right digital transformation strategy is crucial?

87% of digital transformation projects fail.

The biggest challenge for high-growth businesses is investing in the right technology at the right time.

We help you identify the right problems to solve with automation and systemisation. What should and shouldn’t be automated in your business and why? Where can technology improve your customer experience?

Every business is different and hence every business needs their very own bespoke digital strategy for transformation, developed to move them to the very next level of their Digital Evolution.


Why most digital transformation projects fail

There are 12 main reasons why most digital transformation projects fail. We will guide you around each of them. Transformations are noisy, and costs can quickly explode. We make digital transformations quieter and financially stable.

The first crucial step in your transformation success story is to get a data-driven digital transformation roadmap for your business in days (not months). It will dramatically increase your potential ROI. For that, we use our DiGence® digital transformation framework driven by technology.

It enables you to Assess your business by measuring operations, experiences, tools and the cracks in them, objectively.

It helps you Align your team by seeing exactly what is going on, by simulating your growth and then showing the gaps in the current systems.

It will give you a roadmap to Act on those priorities providing the right recommendations for your business to evolve intentionally.

What will you get?

Geeks' Digital Transformation Strategy service empowers you to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with confidence. It provides clarity and direction for modernising your business by answering pivotal questions:

  • Which existing systems have we outgrown?
  • How much of our processes should/can be automated?
  • How much of our processes should/can be eliminated?
  • What customer pain points can be solved with automation or AI?
  • Where does our business leak value due to inefficiencies?
  • Which systems or processes are blocking our growth trajectory?
  • How can technology elevate our employee experience?
  • How can automation and AI increase our productivity?
  • What are the key digital transformations to enhance our brand positioning?


A worthwhile investment

Investing in a Digital Transformation Strategy should not be a leap in the dark. We provide clear, upfront costings alongside potential ROI, demonstrating the value digital transformation can bring to your operations and how it translates into tangible outcomes.

We help you become an organisation that thrives in the digital era, constantly assessing the opportunities as they emerge, aligning the whole team with facts and data, and acting on adopting the right technology solutions at pace.

Time and investment calculator


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Organisation Complexity

The organisational complexity based on operational requirements and the headcount of employees.

Number of Interviewees

An estimate of employees to be interviewed to capture the processes actioned within each function.

Digital Maturity

The current status of your digital innovation and implementation.

Instant Estimation

These are estimations of the required work and investment based on your description of you organisation.

Businesses Processes: 0 An estimated total number of business processes across the selected business functions at your business.

Processes Steps: 0 Approximate number of individual steps across the above processes. These are items of work or activity carried out by your employees, customers or other stakeholders.

Data Points: 0 Per process step, during the interviews, we will capture 14 key data points. They cover an essential set of quantitative and qualitative characteristics, covering everything that matters, from time taken to complexity of decision making, tools and processes involved, etc. These data points are the fuel to the analytical engine of DiGence.

Interview Time: 0 hrs An estimation of the total time our analysts will spend with representatives across your business, in order to model your business processes and capture the above data points into DiGence.

Interview Sessions: 0 This is assuming 2-hour interview sessions to capture all the required insights about your processes.

Analysis: Included The total cost indicated below is inclusive of the interview times as well as the analysis of the data we will perform following the data collection phase in order to generate the reports, insights and analytics.

Presentation: Included Following the analysis, in addition to providing you with the reports and outcomes of the process, we will present the key findings to your stakeholders and train them on how to interpret and use the insights for business process improvements and data-driven decision making.

Total Investment: £0 This is an indicative figure based on some crude assumptions. We can work out a more accurate cost following your free scoping session. See below for more information.



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Digital Evolution is the solution

What can technology bring as your business takes on tomorrow? By delivering the right strategy, design, and engineering at every stage, we can help you deliver the change you need, at speed and scale.

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Digital Evolution is the solution
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