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EPIC Global Solutions is the leading independent gambling harm-prevention consultancy in the UK, USA, Europe and internationally. They are a professional services business specialising in sector-leading education, awareness raising, advisory and accredited training for the prevention of gambling harm. Their mission is to learn from lived experience to take the problem out of gambling and potentially save lives.

The challenge

Looking to create a strategic and focused course for Digital Evolution, EPIC Global Solutions, recognised the need to leverage digital technologies to scale effectively but needed to engage a partner who knew where to start and what areas to prioritise to harness the full potential of their digital systems.

Where could efficiencies be made and process duplication reduced? How could they go faster and achieve more? They approached Geeks to lift the lid of their processes to see what improvements could be made.

The solution

We took EPIC Global Solutions through our Digital Diagnostics Service with DiGence®.

This unravelled the complexities of their existing digital landscape and provided actionable insights for a successful Digital Evolution. To kick off, we engaged with key stakeholders and subject matter experts, conducting in-depth interviews. Our team covered the company's current digital systems and business processes, with gathering thousands of data points using our DiGence® Pulse framework and DiGence® Studio tool.

With the wealth of data we had collected, we investigated and analysed the current as-is status of business from both a bird's eye view and drilling down to step-level data to generate meaningful insights. These data-driven insights allowed us to identify how data flows through their digital ecosystem and formulate a set of strategic actions tailored to the organisation's specific needs and goals.

We translated these actions into a roadmap of key initiatives ensuring that EPIC Global Solutions could embark on its Digital Evolution journey with a clear and actionable plan.

The impact

By leveraging the insights gained through Digital Diagnostics Service with DiGence® and translating them into strategic recommendations, we empowered EPIC Global Solutions to make informed decisions about what digital initiatives to prioritise. 

  • A 33% increase in Operational Efficiency 

  • Increase in scalability by 29% 

  • Improve trust in technology with internal stakeholders by 20% 

The initiatives outlined in the roadmap provided a structured approach for EPIC Global Solutions to implement changes effectively. The prioritisation ensured that the organisation focused on the most impactful digital initiatives first, maximising the efficiency and speed of their Digital Evolution.

As a result, EPIC Global Solutions has a roadmap to help enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. The success of the digital evolution initiatives will not only position EPIC Global Solutions for scalable growth but also strengthen its competitive position in the market.

Danielle Smith Director of Operations

When we embarked on the Digital Diagnostics project, we knew that we needed in-depth insights to drive our business forward. The project team exhibited expertise and commitment, delivering outputs that went beyond mere data analysis. Through their comprehensive Digital Diagnostic process, Geeks provided clarity on critical facets of our business that required attention, aligning with our strategic objectives. This has not only fueled our roadmap but has become the cornerstone of our strategic planning. We’ve made significant strides in understanding the 'art of what's possible,' turning potential into actionable steps toward innovation and growth. Our journey into the digital realm is now driven by the insights garnered from this project. We are now more equipped than ever to prioritise initiatives, allocate resources effectively, and seize opportunities with confidence. This engagement has been a catalyst for change, inspiring us to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

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