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Like all good ideas, Locpin was born of necessity. The father and son creators, Rob and Guy Davenport, lived in a beautiful but remote house that was impossible to find. Online maps pointed to the middle of an empty field and their postcode covered a distance up to a mile away. Most delivery drivers couldn’t find them and parcel upon parcel remained undelivered. The pair were convinced there was an easier way to use technology to show their exact location and Locpin was born.

The challenge

Locpin’s mission was to improve upon the restrictions of GPS systems by linking a precise location to a phone number and email address. Instead of typing in address details when purchasing a product online, users would share their Locpin containing an exact location and a route planner. The vision was for Locpin to be useable on any computer or smartphone with an internet or mobile data connection.

The solution

The client was really pleased to have their idea turned into a working application. The responsive design performs well on both web and mobile platforms, ensuring phone and tablet users get the full experience. Using complex integrations of Google Maps and Postcode Anywhere, users can zoom in and out, navigate a map and drop a pin on an exact location to share their precise co-ordinates. Each Locpin can contain special instructions, diversions and way-points, allowing the person following it to plan a route from any location.