Staffing & Recruiting
Company size
WorkGaps was founded in early 2015 by Jon Rhymes and Simon Beck. They realised that nearly a third of the UK workforce consists of part-time, temporary and contract workers. While this huge group can share photos on Instagram and shop on eBay, they struggle to find jobs or communicate with employers. WorkGaps was created to help jobseekers find work, while providing a better way for businesses to manage staff and implement rotas.

The challenge

WorkGaps commissioned Geeks Ltd to build a revolutionary new online platform designed to simplify recruitment and staff management. By matching hirers with workers, it would streamline the process for both parties and help reduce costs. Communication and collaboration between employers and workers would ensure timely and effective completion of the agreed work.

The solution

WorkGaps is a classic example of how new technology can expand a market sector. Until this application was developed, there was no one-stop-shop for managing temporary workers. The multi-faceted platform includes smartphone apps for Google Android and Apple iOS, as well as web and desktop software. It streamlines the process and is simple and convenient for both parties to use. The portal helps job seekers match their skills to relevant roles and enables businesses to find workers without employing expensive recruitment agencies.