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As the trusted guide to navigating the complex world of the global talent marketplace, People2.0 provides employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services to help organisations confidently navigate the global talent marketplace.

They expertly handle administrative processes, compliance, and back-office functions, and create an environment that benefits all parties involved in contingent workforce engagements.

The challenge

In the rapidly evolving and complex domain of workforce management, People2.0 confronted a significant strategic challenge: aligning their organisation to create a flagship Product.

This challenge was not just about setting a goal; it was about ensuring coherent strategic alignment across product development, sales, marketing, and client delivery in a global talent marketplace.

The necessity of this endeavour stemmed from the recognition that a well-defined product North Star plays a crucial role in guiding an organisation’s efforts and resources towards achieving long-term success. 

The solution

To address this intricate challenge, Geeks conducted the Product North Star Workshop, a strategically designed session to foster collaborative insight and strategic coherence within People2.0.

This bespoke workshop was crafted to facilitate a deep dive into the underlying mechanics of People2.0’s vision, operationalising the concept of a North Star metric as a foundational element for strategic alignment for their product.

Through a series of structured discussions, critical analyses, and interactive exercises our team guided People2.0 through the complexities of identifying key performance indicators that resonate with their overarching goals.

Utilising a comprehensive workbook filled with relevant examples and analytical framework, we embarked on a journey of discovery and clarification, meticulously crafting a product North Star metric that encapsulated the essence of People2.0’s ambition for their Product.

The culmination of this process was not merely theoretical but yielded a tangible outcome providing People2.0 with the clarity and direction needed to navigate the future of their product with confidence.

The impact

The Product North Star Workshop's impact is always transformative, as it’s not only establishing a clear, unified North Star metric that guides every facet of the organisation towards their product vision, but also fostering a company culture that is clear on each department’s role and contribution towards the success of the product.

From strategic decisions, aligning product development, marketing, and operational efforts, all teams now have a framework and clear input metrics that move the North Star metric in the right direction, ultimately bolstering People2.0's confidence and leadership in the global talent marketplace.


Hear from Stefan Dunn, Director of IT Solution Design at People2.0 on what he thinks about our service:


Stefan Dunn Director of IT Solution Design

As a global organisation, we found it challenging at times to make sure that everybody's vision across the globe was heard and seen and conceptualised at the same time. The workshop that we had with Geeks was a real collaborative exercise. The atmosphere in there was great. It really brought the teams together to make sure we had a shared vision for what we wanted our product to be. There's various interactive games and exercises that really helped us to develop a sort of client roadmap that we can articulate and be really sort of proud of at the same time. It's not just about product development, it's about fostering unity across all of our teams and really driving success. I'd absolutely recommend any organisation to do a North Star Workshop with Geeks.

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