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va-Q-tec solves thermal challenges. They do that to protect our planet’s precious resources, to save valuable energy and make temperature-sensitive supply chains safe. Their high-performance insulation solutions, in a variety of sizes, enable customers to transport temperature-sensitive goods across the globe, to the most remote places, safely. 

The challenge

Whilst their products are state of the art, they faced a real challenge of international coordination and managing logistics to keep pace with customer demand. And with an added focus on delivering medical products worldwide in 2020, va-Q-tec engaged Geeks to see what could be changed, and how technology could be applied to increase not only customer service but their global market share.

We knew with all fast-growing businesses, disconnected systems are a challenge. More systems are added to solve specific challenges and most of them don’t talk to each other, making the whole digital ecosystem fractioned. In va-Q-tec example, workflows existed, but there was no connection from warehouse operations through customer service to provide a clear holistic picture. 

The solution

The solution

We reviewed every business process, and customer touchpoint, and we found main areas where we could speed up manual processes, reduce admin, and make data easier to access. We created a super scalable, modular solution by designing and engineering a complete digital system.

We automated processes to remove data duplication throughout the estate using microservices approach to serving data. We also enabled improved access to international data, allowing more granular insights to enable smarter decisions. 

Rolled out at first in the UK, then progressed internationally across 40 international locations, Geeks designed and engineered an all-encompassing system. 

The impact

All orders were reviewed via email, agreed upon, and sent to process the full quote, involving multiple emails and internal touchpoints. Now all quotes are instant, through a customer-facing order portal. 

In addition to that, the new system enabled eco-friendly benefits such as returning containers to strategic international positions to minimise carbon footprint and maximise usage, by being there at the right place and right time.

Other case studies

We are proud to be on a journey with some ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who usher the way in making the world a better place by using software technology.

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