Guy Carpenter

Financial Services
Company size

Guy Carpenter is a leading integrated solutions provider in the reinsurance industry. It was founded in 1922 and is a Marsh & McLennan Company. It has over 60 offices worldwide, employing over 2,300 professionals.

Guy Carpenter provides a combination of broking expertise, strategic advisory services and industry-leading analytics. In 2015 it won Reinsurance Broker of the Year for companies with revenues of more than $1bn at the Intelligent Insurer Global Awards.

The challenge

The reinsurance market allows insurance companies to spread their obligations and manage their risk by buying insurance from other companies.

Guy Carpenter identified an area of growth in this market, as well as increasing regulatory requirements that needed to be met. The company commissioned Geeks Ltd to develop an auction placement application to capitalise on this opportunity.

The solution

Our team of developers constructed a complex application using state-of-the-art web-based technologies.

The role-based, multi-user online system needed to be capable of setting up auctions and inviting clients to participate, while being fully auditable.

Geeks Ltd was able to efficiently deliver this mission-critical application for use across the globe.

Our superior software offers a fast and smooth user experience, employing graphs to display how auctions evolve over time and to assess the competitiveness of a client’s individual bids.

The application matched the needs of Guy Carpenter's clients, including: transparency/auditability, CRM, compliance, informative dashboard, content management, invitations, registration, notifications and a great UX.