Financial Services
Company size

Lucid Issuer Services was founded in 2004 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the debt capital markets. The company has extensive experience in debt capital markets, clearing system and the information technology requirements involved with communicating the needs of issuers to their bondholders. Its impressive client list includes major international banks and multinationals such as Virgin and Vodafone.

The challenge

Lucid used a handful of older systems to provide debt management services and was looking to amalgamate those.

A consultant with prior knowledge of our work recommended Geeks Ltd. Our innovative M# programming software and the professionalism of our team had previously impressed him.

The solution

Agile development proved particularly helpful as the client’s needs changed and some planned functionality was removed. This allowed us to move ahead with changes that had originally been scheduled for phase two.

Wireframes were created for both the first and second phases. Lucid staff then began using the system internally following the development of stage one. That allowed them to provide detailed feedback immediately.

The application offers logins for both Lucid users and clients – although the service is not available to the general public, as clients must first be approved. Unapproved IP addresses are blocked and anyone working outside of their corporate network must use two‐factor authentication to login.

The increased usability of the web application makes it simpler for bondholders and debt management services to connect. Now the system offers clear coherent solutions for issuers of debt security globally.

The development process also allowed Lucid to open up an internal dialogue about what constitutes best practice within its business. Creating the software actually helped the company streamline its processes and change the way it works.