Eazy Collect

Financial Services
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Eazy Collect are a market-leading and highly respected direct debit and payment management service. Founded in 2002, Eazy Collect initially focused on offering direct debit services for the leisure industry. Eazy Collect now manage payments for a wide array of industries and take hundreds of thousands of payments a year.

The challenge

Eazy Collect came to Geeks in 2012 as they had outgrown their previous application.

Prior to approaching Geeks, Eazy Collect had worked with two separate applications that, over time, had not been able to deal with the volume of payments that the company was now processing. The lack of stability within these applications meant a large number of unnecessary manual hours were being spent by Eazy Collect in order to process these payments.

This lack of automation greatly reduced profit margins, lead to client and employee frustration and was taking the business focus away from customer service. Their customers also found the previous applications difficult to use, resulting in a large number of queries and some lost users.

The solution

Geeks Ltd discussed the client’s requirements during a series of workshops. Using VisualSpec™, our award‐winning development software, we helped them to elaborate on their needs, experiment with different design ideas and get feedback from other stakeholders. The application was built over a series of sprints using Geeks' Agile methodology, which addresses client priorities and incorporates changes in a flexible way.

Geeks were able to create a highly automated, responsive application that allows Eazy Collect to expand their client base and offer customers a smooth and fast user experience.

The application that has been built takes upwards of one hundred thousand payments a month, has a built-in gym management system, disburses money to clients and has automated debt chasing. It has been well received by long‐standing Eazy Collect customers and has helped them expand their business.