Financial Services
Company size

Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) is the biggest single provider of packaged account products and bespoke services to the retail banking sector. They manage the largest number of mobile phone insurance customers in the UK. Through partnerships with UK high street banks and mobile networks, they assist more than eight million customers. LSG provide products that support “Mobile Life” including mobile phone insurance, gadget insurance, mobile data back-up and security products. Services they provide include brokering, underwriting, fraud investigation, supply chain management and customer administration.

The challenge

LSG wanted a solution that would advise consumers whether their personal data may have been compromised, an important service now that so much information is online.

The solution

Geeks developed "My Data Monitor" - a user-friendly web application that could be used within LSG’s own product portfolio, or for third-party product portfolios to provide a unique service that would advise consumers whether they may have had their privacy infringed or be subject to potentially more serious threats such as fraud or identity theft. This would be achieved via integration to data services provided by Identity Intelligence – LSG is the owner of the world's largest database of stolen and compromised identities, called Identity Intelligence. This intercepts identities that are being traded by criminals around the internet, stores them and makes them available for people to check whether or not they have been compromised via a consumer website. This application monitors levels of internet identity data and ensures that LSG are able to provide consumers with a reliable source of information on whether their privacy has been compromised. This is a highly important business function in the online security and insurance sector.