Brand Finance

Company size

Brand Finance specialises in the valuation of intangible assets. It uses the Royalty Relief method to determine the value of a brand, calculating how much a company would need to pay to license that brand if it did not already own it.

Accurately measuring the value of a brand allows it to be exploited to its full potential. Having provided a breakdown of how your brand is valued, Brand Finance can also explain how to improve that standing.

The challenge

Brand Finance quantifies the most valuable brands in various sectors and regions each year. It also produces specific portfolios to order. The company had been using an Excel spreadsheet to handle all of its calculations but this process had become unmanageable.

Its system relies on three different types of raw data: Bloomberg financial data; PGEO data; and benchmarking. Brand Finance needed an application that could import the raw data, understand it and display it in different formats.

The solution

We discussed the client’s requirements during a series of workshops. Using our award‐winning VisualSpecTM software, we helped them elaborate on their needs, experiment with design ideas and get feedback from other stakeholders.

The application was built over a series of sprints using Agile Development Methodology, which addresses client priorities and incorporates changes in a flexible way.

Our system was designed to input the raw data, apply the core calculations embedded within the application, and have the results appear at the push of a button. Users can then add and remove assumptions or manipulate the data further to assess brand value.

The system was designed to produce a report identifying the top brands, which could be published automatically. This information could be displayed visually as interactive graphs, which users can zoom in and out of.

Having our solution handle the raw data directly and make the calculations automatically improved consistency across the board. While our application moved Brand Finance away from an Excel model, the data can still be manipulated. Multiple pieces of data can be worked on at once, while any changes that are made can be reverted later.