Reed Wellbeing

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Since 2015, Reed Wellbeing have been providing high impact lifestyle and wellbeing programmes that enable these people to improve their health. They provide invaluable, easy-to-access, effective interventions that address a range of lifestyle issues.

Their services are developed in partnership with NHS England, CCGs, local authorities, employers and community organisations. They complement existing healthcare systems and deliver impactful and cost-effective interventions for those needing it most.

With Reed Wellbeing’s support, over 112,000 people so far have made sustainable changes to help improve their wellbeing, become healthier and reduce their chances of developing illnesses.

Reed Wellbeing has proven that with the right knowledge and support, these individuals are capable of making those sustainable changes needed to have a positive impact on their health.

The challenge

Reed Wellbeing, an arm of Reed Recruitment, is experienced in recruitment and workplace trends. It became apparent that if employees are healthy, then productivity in the workplace increases. They identified a gap in the market to support businesses that want to take action to support their employees, but just don’t know where to start.

Reed Wellbeing approached Geeks in late 2019 to develop a revolutionary new platform to take to market. It would enable employers to buy health checks for their employees so they can identify issues, and use the data to inform workplace benefits, provide support to employees, drive initiatives and identify trends across different departments.

The solution

Reed Wellbeing’s project was initiated with a short series of Solution Design workshops to discuss their requirements. Using VisualSpec™, our interactive and award-winning prototyping tool, we helped them to elaborate on their needs, experiment with different design ideas and get feedback from other stakeholders. 

The application was built over a series of sprints using Agile Development Methodology, which addresses client priorities and incorporates changes in a flexible way. Progress was reviewed at the end of each sprint by all parties allowing the client to test the work completed at the end of each sprint.

Reed Wellbeing needed a quick turnaround on getting the product to market. Geeks have experience in developing quality products in a short space of time, so worked closely with Reed Wellbeing to deliver within the timeline agreed, even beyond the initial scope.

Geeks’ emphasis on flexibility and close collaboration between clients and the delivery teams allows effortless change and risk management.

As the Product Owners at Reed Wellbeing were completely new to managing a development project and Agile ways of working, Geeks spent time helping them to adjust to what this involves, to ensure delivery timescales.

Our partnership has resulted in a successful application and reporting tool, facilitating what Reed Wellbeing needed and more, on time and on budget, delivering within planned sprints.