Harley Street Connect / MyOwnDoc

Company size
Harley Street Connect are a team of physicians who are passionate about the evolution of personalised care. They wanted to create an application that puts the private medical sector at patients’ fingertips and greatly improves the patient/doctor relationship. The system would manage and store patient data to enhance the experience for both parties.

The challenge

Historically, patients have struggled to communicate with their doctor outside of scheduled appointments. Patients have also been given limited access to their medical data and the means to analyse it. Harley Street Connect wanted to resolve these issues. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, patients needed to know that their data was safe.

The solution

MyOwnDoc includes a website, web application and mobile app. It allows patients to connect to some of the world’s best private health care professionals via a secure messaging system. They can instantly view their medical data and even request a second opinion from another doctor. Consultations go more smoothly because doctors always have medical records at their fingertips. Making referrals and accepting second opinions more easily also helps them access a new stream of referrals.