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TSL pioneers groundbreaking solutions for broadcast and media, blending innovation with a customer-centric approach. With nearly 40 years of expertise, they specialise in advanced hardware and software for audio monitoring, control systems, and power management. Their tailored products seamlessly integrate into complex workflows across broadcast, data centres, aerospace, defence, live events, and telecoms, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and productivity.

The challenge

Recognising a wealth of opportunities, TSL set an ambitious goal to achieve a fully integrated ecosystem which would streamline operations and foster a collaborative work environment. However, the first step is always the hardest and that’s where Digital Diagnostics comes in!

The solution

TSL engaged in a transformative Digital Diagnostics project. Collaborating with us to set out their medium to long-term goals and the strategic role of technology within their operations. Using our award-winning DiGence® application, we collected data about the company's departmental processes and functional workflows, through in-depth interviews conducted by a Geeks Business Analyst and TSL's Subject Matter Experts. 

With DiGence®'s sophisticated analytics, we were able to not only validate TSL's initial hypotheses but also unearth untapped challenges and opportunities to harness technology in alignment with their business objectives. From these insights, we crafted a tailored Digital Evolution Roadmap, providing structured recommendations to guide TSL's first steps in its digital transformation journey. This roadmap offered tangible ROI metrics, such as time savings, enhanced operational efficiency, increased scalability, and reduced arduous processes, all of which boosted team morale.

The impact

With this strategic roadmap, TSL is poised to take the next step in its Digital Evolution journey with board alignment and team buy-in at a high for this next stage of their tech-powered growth.

Anticipated benefits from its execution include saving up to 32% of time spent on manual tasks. These enhancements will not only improve efficiency but also cultivate a culture of empowerment and innovation across the organisation.

Other case studies

We are proud to be on a journey with some ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who usher the way in making the world a better place by using software technology.

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