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Matt Mehrjardi


Talks about #Technology, #AI, and #SoftwareDevelopment

Talks about #Technology, #AI, and #SoftwareDevelopment


Matt loves learning, innovating, automation, continuously monitoring and investigating new technologies. His fastidious nature empowers our team to help our clients to build impactful digital transformation roadmaps and adopt the right technologies.

Matt Mehrjardi's latest insights

Obsessed with finding optimal solutions, a colleague and I spent an afternoon pair programming, alongside our friend ChatGPT. Our self-imposed challenge driven by our sense of perfectionism was to refine an already working process. As geeks, it is always an absolute joy to engage with new technologies and explore and unravel their capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what we know and use.

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In this special edition of The Innovation Room, join Somayeh and other elves, Lindsay and Matt as they discuss all the great Innovations they've seen in 2022. Watch now as we (literally) Wrap-up 2022


When the pressure is on in fast-paced environments, sometimes we don’t take the time to ask our colleagues questions in the right way. This will cost much more than you think!

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