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Houston Cox, an innovative carpentry and joinery company, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to service excellence and superior craftsmanship. They provide innovative solutions to complex projects – where customer requirements and their team skills are complementary.

The challenge

Initially seeking a digital e-learning platform for on-site employees, Houston Cox saw an opportunity to not only digitalise their e-learning, but a whole host of processes that relied on paper.

Identifying the inefficiencies within these procedures, the company envisioned a comprehensive management solution tailored to their unique needs.

The solution

The unique culture of the business and their focus on customer excellence and innovation, in addition to the rigidity of ERPs, adoption of an off-the-shelf solution had proven not to be the right choice. So in response to the intricate web of processes, we created a Microservices architecture bespoke system. Administrative users, HR personnel, project managers, and contractors have seamless access via a unified desktop interface.

This multifaceted portal streamlined onboarding, payroll management, incident reporting, time stamping, documentation, and holiday management. Crucially, this system empowered users to approve processes on-the-go, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

For the employees, the solution translated into an intuitive platform enabling e-learning, assessments, site inductions, and mobile timesheet submissions. Notably user-friendly, the system incorporated mobile functionality, a camera feature, and QR code integration for simplified sign-in and sign-out procedures.

The impact

This transformative solution catalysed engaged and interactive learning experiences, enhancing employee knowledge retention and testing proficiency. By eradicating manual paper processes, the system significantly reduced time spent on payroll and HR procedures.

Eliminating postage requirements not only saved time and resources but also contributed to a more sustainable environmental footprint. 

Becky Spencer EA to Managing Director

In celebrating our collaboration with Geeks, we are delighted to express our utmost satisfaction with the implementation of SubNet, our new Construction Management Application. The process was refreshingly straightforward, a testament to the Geeks team's profound understanding of our needs and their efficient approach. The relationship forged during this journey was exceptional—open communication, responsiveness, and proactive problem-solving created a partnership based on trust. The SubNet Construction Management Application itself has proven to be a user-friendly and robust solution, significantly enhancing our organisational workflows. The go-live experience exceeded expectations, with a seamless transition that showcased the meticulous planning and execution by the Geeks team. Their thorough preparation ensured a stress-free rollout, allowing us to quickly embrace the platform's benefits. This past 3 years has been marked by the Geeks dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence, contributing significantly to our company's success.

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