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Reed in Partnership’s mission is to positively transform people and their communities. They support individuals, their families and the places they live to prosper - often under challenging circumstances. With the help of Reed in Partnership services, people start working, improve their health, develop their skills and fulfil their potential.

In 2023, over 2 million people across the UK have benefited from accessing a Reed in Partnership service and using it to change their lives for the better.

The challenge

In alignment with their steadfast commitment to continuous improvement, Reed in Partnership directed their focus towards identifying opportunities to harness AI. Their challenge? To explore enhancing service effectiveness through the integration of AI, a pivotal step in their ongoing journey towards continual improvement and keeping at the forefront of digital innovation

The solution

We brought together the team at Reed in Partnership to talk about the challenges and opportunities within their organisation before narrowing it down to a specific area of focus. Using our Wild Ideation framework, we leveraged the varying skill sets of the team to understand what opportunity truly meant for the organisation and what this could mean for the business. We navigated through a change framework to align with the goals of the opportunity and understand what constraints would be dealing with. Our Wild Ideation session allowed the Reed in Partnership team to think differently and explore, follow and build on ideas in a safe space.

Following this we went through iterations of idea generation and categorisation of these ideas to understand what were feasible and easily implementable, original concepts with practical applicability within the current reality, and breakthrough innovations that, while not immediately feasible due to time or budget constraints, laid the groundwork for future exploration. This ensured a refined understanding of the possibilities and a clear roadmap for moving forward.

The impact

Reed In Partnership experienced a shift in mindset, with team members embracing new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. We created a report for Reed to take to their board with a list of actionable ideas and feasible next steps as part of their Digital Evolution. 

Bradley Ebsworth-Willis Associate Director of Continuous Improvement

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we were eager to leverage AI to enhance our services. Geeks provided us with innovative solutions and facilitated a transformative session. The collaborative and engaging approach allowed us to think differently and build on each other's ideas in a safe space. What sets Geeks apart is their refreshing and fun approach to digital innovation. Working with them has been a testament to their passion for improving things.

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We are proud to be on a journey with some ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who usher the way in making the world a better place by using software technology.

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