Rexam PLC

Company size
Rexam PLC is a leading global beverage can maker and a global leader in rigid plastic packaging. They are business partners to some of the worlds most famous and successful consumer brands as well as young, entrepreneurial start-ups. Rexam’s turnover is approximately £4.7 billion and they employ some 8000 people in 55 sites in 23 countries.

The challenge

Previously customers had to order over the phone or by email to Rexam customer service representatives. This was not making use of modern technologies and software capabilities. The objective was to enable Rexam to launch a new customer portal service in Europe, giving their customers more control when placing orders. The portal required customers to view stock availability, place and track orders, and request delivery times.

The solution

The new hub allows customers the benefit of ordering and reporting functions through a single integrated portal as well as being able to carry out activities outside of Rexam's UK business hours - something which is important for a global organisation such as Rexam. Another benefit of the new system is that it provides sales staff at Rexam with more tools to manage tasks such as adding new customers and customer users without requiring input from their IT department. This is a major advance on the previous system. Rexam is able to utilise the benefits of full web integration and 24/7 operations, rather than being restricted to phone and email. The new solution streamlined processes and improved business efficiency, particularly in the ordering and delivery process, and increased profitability.

David Gadd Project Solution Delivery

Within only a few days, Geeks produced an online prototype.