Smith Stone Walters

Company size

Smith Stone Walters (SSW) is a leader in UK immigration services and solutions. They specialise in all aspects of corporate immigration nationality and work permit law.

They chiefly support blue-chip corporates with visa applications to the UK. In addition, they have a small private client team assisting private clients with their individual visa applications.

SSW had reviewed a number of options to implement a Case Management software solution. Having looked at off-the-shelf products they decided that with the amount of customisation required to meet both internal and external user requirements, they would be better off looking at a bespoke solution that could be expanded easily.

The challenge

SSW chose Geeks to deliver its mission‐critical immigration case management software.

It needed a system to handle incoming corporate and private enquiries, open cases for live visa applications, manage the visa progress and provide reporting. In addition, SSW wanted a portal that would allow both its clients' HR departments and individual applicants to access the system.

The solution

Geeks were able to create a custom application for SSW that manages all the complexities of the visa application process and provides automated tools which, streamline the casework involved in this legal process.

Multiple levels of permissions were needed as there are various levels of clients who needed to be incorporated into the system. After it went live new modules were built to extend the application's capabilities.

Unlike an off‐the‐shelf product the case management system that Geeks developed is capable of being flexibly updated to meet the needs of the client in the future.