Company size

University of the Arts London (UAL) is Europe’s largest specialist art and design university. Its unique creative community is made up of six renowned Colleges, each with its own world-class reputation. 

Building on UAL’s association with some of the most original thinkers in the arts, students and staff are inspired to challenge convention, generate new ideas and nurture talent. 

The challenge

A key requirement for UAL was accessibility of the application for its users. In order to meet government accessibility requirements, UAL’s application needed to meet level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are an internationally recognised set of recommendations for improving web accessibility. 

They explain how to make digital services, websites and applications accessible to everyone, including users with impairments to: 

  • Vision – sight-impaired or colour-blind people; 

  • Hearing – deaf or hard of hearing;

  • Mobility – difficulty using a mouse or keyboard; and 

  • Thinking and Understanding – those with dyslexia, autism or learning difficulties.

The solution

Compliance with accessibility requirements meant that UAL’s bespoke application needed implementation of special navigation features, specific colour contrast ratios, expanded acronyms and abbreviations in the first instance, uncluttered page layouts and skip to content links, among others. In addition, the application also needed to have appropriate links and tabs for keyboard-only usage, to be adaptable for screen reader usage and to have mobile responsive designs. 

In order to ensure accessibility compliance, Geeks worked with a third-party testing provider which used multiple accessibility testing tools such as JAWS Screen Reading, Non-Visual Desktop Access and Dragon Speech Recognition software.