Company size
Histropedia is a creative startup company, established in May 2012. The idea for the project was born from discovering a gap in the Wikipedia community to simplify how historical information was viewed. The idea has sparked interest from many investors and the company has long-term growth prospects. The core principle behind the project is to allow learning and sharing of knowledge in a way that is fun and engaging for users. The overall aim is to utilise the wealth of data in Wikipedia to allow users to create timelines for all of history.

The challenge

The objective of the project was to develop a web-based application where users can graphically view historical events on an interactive timeline to transform the way that we visualise history. The interface should be engaging and intuitive to enable ordinary users to adopt the platform and contribute to viral marketing and its protected widespread user base and success.

The solution

This was achieved by developing a graphical timeline that is both scrollable and zoomable with a swift rendering of events. Existing data is pulled from the Wikipedia website to create a repository of events with machine-readable dates and images taken from the Wikipedia articles, allowing them to be displayed on the timeline. The application has three distinct sections: a GUI where the user interfaces with the Histropedia database, the backend Histropedia database, which is where all the events are stored, and the scanning program, which analyses the Wikipedia data to extract key information about each event, such as title, date, location, etc. This application resulted in a free, open-source, interactive program, which harnesses the might of Wikipedia and Wikidata in a visually interesting and educational way. Users can view existing timelines, edit them, or create their own - which can be shared or kept private. It has wide applications, from school projects, and academic research to more leisure-oriented pursuits such as genealogy or creating timelines of anything from historical figures to Harry Potter characters. Timelines can be shared via social media and commented on in a stimulating environment. Geeks were able to create an exciting and innovative history project which enables people to interact creatively with historical data and present it in a visually interesting way, stimulating their interest in history in an educative and enjoyable manner.

Navino Evans Founder and Director

After more than 3 years of using their services extensively, I can safely say that Geeks are in a different league to most software developers you will find. I have recommended them to every organisation I come across in need of a software developer and will continue to do so. Our company, Histropedia, chose to go with Geeks to build our product after 6 weeks of solid research and shortlisting, looking at both UK based companies and offshore options, and we’ve never looked back. The technical ability of their engineers has now been proven without question. Our complex web application has stood the test of time and heavy traffic, with incredibly low maintenance and hosting costs. But there’s so much more about Geeks that make them stand out, from the “Googlesque” work environment to their friendly approach and attention to detail. It’s been great coming out of meetings with a big smile, buzzing with new ideas from the discussions with the Geeks team.