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Future of Schools with AI: Part 1 - Expectations

Will AI make or break the future of education?

Join Laura Knight, Senior Consultant at Berkhamsted Schools Group as we navigate the pivotal impact of AI on schools in this episode of The Innovation Room podcast.

Laura draws from her frontline experience as an educator to explore how schools can harness AI to create personalised learning and democratised creativity while avoiding an inequitable “digital divide”.

Key takeaways:

  • Stakeholders want adaptive, flexible learning - can AI deliver?
  • Outdated assessments must be modernised to reflect real-world skills
  • Teachers need support to integrate AI effectively
  • Schools require clear digital strategies to make strategic AI choices
  • Listening to teachers is vital for successful AI adoption


The future of education hangs in the balance as schools face tough decisions regarding AI. Join us and listen to this episode now.



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