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A Digital Transformation framework that cannot fail

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You are invited to join a session for business leaders with high-growth mindsets. This webinar, hosted by Geeks, is for those wanting to identify, align and prioritise their project options for digital transformation.

Stats show that technology needs to be in the top two priorities of high-growth scale-up businesses, but also that 87% of digital transformation projects fail. You will leave the session understanding how to tackle both of these stats head-on.

Join our CEO, Somayeh Aghnia, for a thought-provoking session, where she will:
- Share a framework that cannot fail to align your goals with technology decisions
- Show you where you stack up when it comes to your digital mindset vs your peers
- Define a proven approach to get a 12-18 months fact-based digital roadmap aligned to your business priorities
- Discuss how to truly measure ROI on your digital transformation investments