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Three Benefits of using Cloud Computing for Bespoke Software

Small and medium-sized businesses are leveraging the benefits of migrating towards the cloud to improve business efficiency. Cloud computing offers significant benefits beyond mere cost savings. Using the power of the Internet, large amounts of data can now be stored in a virtual environment without the cost of alternative hardware and software which would otherwise be required. This makes it a great choice for bespoke software.

You’re already using the Cloud

Do you use email, social media, or online storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive? Each of these services has at least one element provided by another Cloud service to meet the needs of the user. This means that - whether you’re aware of it or not - you are already using and benefiting from the Cloud. Here are three benefits of using Cloud Computing for your bespoke software solution:

# 1 Cutting Costs

Using cloud-based software eliminates the need for the alternative of purchasing an on-premise server. Where a server requires maintenance by a qualified IT technician, plus an initial capital overhead, the cloud uses multiple servers which are maintained by the service providers. This is more reliable, as well as an effective way of reducing expenses. For a monthly rental fee, the capital cost to purchase and maintain your server is removed.

# 2 Increased Flexibility

The flexibility of using cloud computing cannot be ignored. Large amounts of data can be accessed and handled from any location with an Internet connection. Data is stored remotely which prevents it from being lost should a flood, fire or theft occur. Without relying on cloud computing, damage to a server could cause significant data loss, decreasing productivity and incurring a significant repair cost, as well as being time-consuming to fix.

What about the Risks of Cloud Computing and Personal Devices?

Although can still be a small risk of losing data in the cloud when accessing it through personal devices, it is much more secure than skeptics imagine. Using personal mobile devices carries a small increased risk of the possibility of a data breach if devices are stolen or left unsecured. This could lead to data loss and potentially a large expense to recover data.

However, since human error accounts for the majority of these issues, if security systems are implemented correctly then they will protect devices, including updating antivirus/anti-malware solutions regularly. The risks of using the Cloud can therefore be significantly decreased.

If you’re thinking about a hosted software solution that could utilise the cloud, then speak to the team at Geeks who will be happy to advise you.