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What can technology bring as your business takes on tomorrow? By delivering the right strategy, design, and engineering at every stage, we can help you deliver the change you need, at speed and scale.

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You choose us because of our passion for technology and our obsession to make it work for your business. You will love our curiosity when discussing your vision and our persistence in finding the right solution to your challenges.

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If you cut us, we will bleed innovation. Well, many national and international award bodies have recognised this without actually cutting us! 

We are proud to be on a journey with some ambitious changemakers, breaking through barriers and making the world a better place by using software technology.

Guy Carpenter

A real-time online auction platform

Our team of developers constructed a complex application using state-of-the-art web-based technologies. The role-based, multi-user online system needed to be capable of setting up auctions and inviting clients to participate, while being fully auditable.

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A system to create, run, change and keep track of product tests.

AESSEAL® is one of the world's leading specialists in the design & manufacture of mechanical seals & support systems. We developed a system to create, run, change and keep track of product tests.

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City of Westminster

Project information management system for highway maintenance...

The London Borough of Westminster is a council in a densely populated area with heavy traffic and highway responsibilities. Geeks developed an information management system for highway maintenance...

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PracticeEvolve provide legal practice management software to law firms

PracticeEvolve is part of EvolveGroup, a family of companies that provide legal practice management software to law firms across the globe, operating in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the UK.

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WorkGaps is a concept for a part-time employment matching service...

WorkGaps is a part-time employment matching service, they commissioned Geeks Ltd to build a revolutionary new online platform designed to simplify recruitment and staff management.

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Brand Finance

A Capable Data-Handling Application

The system was designed to produce a report identifying the top brands, which could be published automatically. This information could be displayed visually as interactive graphs, which users can zoom in and out of. Having our solution handle the raw data directly and make the calculations automatically improved consistency across the board. While our application moved Brand Finance away from an Excel model, the data can still be manipulated. Multiple pieces of data can be worked on at once, while any changes that are made can be reverted later.

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Whilst maintaining and upgrading key services and products from their legacy terminal, Geeks also worked with Payzone to develop new product and service offerings for their customers. This included a Payment Terminal system, Smart Metering system, and Smart Ticketing and Paper Bus Ticketing system.

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Automated solution that integrated 18 internal and external systems...

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC has a turnover of £2.5bn and globally. They worked with Geeks to develop an automated solution that integrated 18 internal and external systems...

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Rexam PLC

A portal service for Rexam's European customers, giving them more...

Rexam PLC is a leading global beverage can maker that needed a portal service for customers, giving them more capability to view stock availability, place and track orders, and request delivery times.

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Paragon Building Consultancy

Paragon digital transformation with DiGence®

Paragon is one of the UK's largest independent building and project consultancies. They think differently to create commercial advantage for their clients and deliver a director-led service focused on technical expertise, commercial business acumen, with a proactive approach to service delivery.

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An Accessible Solution

Compliance with accessibility requirements meant that UAL’s bespoke application needed implementation of special navigation features, specific colour contrast ratios, expanded acronyms and abbreviations in the first instance, uncluttered page layouts and skip to content links, among others.

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The right change needs the right partner. We are in this game to be part of the solution. 

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