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If you cut us, we will bleed innovation. Well, many national and international award bodies have recognised this without actually cutting us! 

We are proud to be on a journey with some ambitious changemakers, breaking through barriers and making the world a better place by using software technology.


A system to create, run, change and keep track of product tests.

AESSEAL® is one of the world's leading specialists in the design & manufacture of mechanical seals & support systems. We developed a system to create, run, change and keep track of product tests.

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An ERP solution to streamline and automate business functions.

Having outgrown their management information systems and applications, Lawmens reached out to Geeks to design an all-inclusive tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This end-to-end ERP solution needed to streamline and automate their operations. Lawmens management saw technology as the enabler for future growth and a way to help the running of the business.

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Over a million Wikipedia articles are brought to life visually...

Histropedia is a creative startup company, established in 2012. The idea for the project was born from discovering a gap in the Wikipedia community to simplify how historical information was viewed.

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Eazy Collect

Direct Debit Management System

Geeks created a highly automated, responsive application that allows Eazy Collect to expand its client base and offer customers a smooth and fast user experience. The application that has been built takes upwards of one hundred thousand payments a month, has a built-in gym management system, disburses money to clients and has automated debt chasing. It has been well received by long‐standing Eazy Collect customers and has helped them expand their business.

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Debt Management System

The application offers logins for both Lucid users and clients – although the service is not available to the general public, as clients must first be approved. Unapproved IP addresses are blocked and anyone working outside of their corporate network must use two‐factor authentication to login. The increased usability of the web application makes it simpler for bondholders and debt management services to connect. Now the system offers clear coherent solutions for issuers of debt security globally.

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Medical Equipment Disinfection Mobile App

Tristel's innovative mobile app is an electronic manual for users with step‐by‐step video instructions on how to disinfect medical equipment, whilst also providing real-time and electronic records of disinfection logs.

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A loyalty platform requiring comprehensive member management...

hmv is a leading entertainment retailer of music, films and games. They required a loyalty platform assisting with comprehensive member management...

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A business-to-business integration solution to provide identity...

LSG is the biggest single provider of packaged account products and bespoke services to the retail banking sector. We developed a B2B integration solution to provide protection for personal data...

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Search Acumen - Robbie Project

Search Acumen is the UK's leading property data engineer.

Search Acumen, UK's leading property data engineer, has years of excellence in transforming property through digitised data.

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Smith Stone Walters

A bespoke application to manage mission-critical legal workflows

Geeks were able to create a custom application for SSW that manages all the complexities of the visa application process and provides automated tools which, streamline the casework involved in this legal process. Unlike an off‐the‐shelf product the case management system that Geeks developed is capable of being flexibly updated to meet the needs of the client in the future.

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Brand Finance

A Capable Data-Handling Application

The system was designed to produce a report identifying the top brands, which could be published automatically. This information could be displayed visually as interactive graphs, which users can zoom in and out of. Having our solution handle the raw data directly and make the calculations automatically improved consistency across the board. While our application moved Brand Finance away from an Excel model, the data can still be manipulated. Multiple pieces of data can be worked on at once, while any changes that are made can be reverted later.

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