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Five reasons that mobile working could benefit your business

A growing number of businesses are using mobile software to give employees the opportunity to work remotely wherever they are. The availability of such software allows staff members to stay productive even when they are not working from the office, as long as they have an internet connection and a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or phone. But what other benefits could mobile working bring to your business?

#1 Greater accessibility for employees

Employees often lose valuable time when commuting or working off-site when they cannot access the resources that they need. Now with mobile software more readily available, they can get easy access to any documents, files or information that they need whilst in any location. This allows for greater flexibility, as employees are able to choose to work within evening and weekend time should they wish to do so. They are able to have a better control over their schedule meaning that they are also likely to have a greater satisfaction in their work, lowering your staff turnover.

#2 Enhanced productivity

Employees allowed to use their own devices are statistically more productive. Using mobile software, they will be able to access the same systems that they use at work, which are familiar to them. This enhances overall productivity and confidence within their work. This saves a lot of time issuing company technology out to employees if they are willing to use their own device.

#3 Better time management

Instead of needing to commute for a long journey every day, employees of many small businesses are able to work from home or a different location of their choice. When they are commuting on public transport, they may be able to use mobile software to access emails and get some work done before reaching the office.

#4 Customer service growth

Customers often demand and expect an instant response when making an inquiry or trying to get in touch. Giving employees in small businesses the chance to use their mobile devices means that they can access and reply to any important emails at intervals throughout the day. Mobile software means that they can access it just as they would on their own desktop, and answer in real-time even when away from their desk.

#5 Benefits in an emergency

Mobile software has another advantage in that it stores data virtually. This means that should any hardware be damaged, the risk of the data being lost is lowered significantly. Downtime is reduced and customers are happy.

What does mobile software have to offer?

Mobile software allows for flexible, more productive working. This leads to satisfied customers but also satisfied employees who are able to work just as effectively wherever they are.


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