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Welcome to the Shape-shifters series

ChatGPT took the world by storm. 

Overnight, LinkedIn was full of screenshots of chats with it, then it was covered with loads of different ways people are interacting with it and coming up with new applications for it. 

It took only a couple of weeks before it made its way into the business podcasts and webinars, and only a couple of months before it appeared on top of the agenda of some businesses’ strategy meetings …

Business has become unusual again. This time not because of a pandemic, and not so visible to all. 

The ground we stand on has started shifting, faster than we have seen before, and some realise that it’s their strategy that must keep their business poised. 

Those with a spry strategy are pivoting, the business leaders who are committed to the principles of Assess > Align > Act.  

I am excited to bring to you the new series of The Innovation Room: “Shape-shifters”.

In the coming 3 months, The innovation room is hosting thinkers, advisors, and business leaders who will share with us how they are making sense of the new AI advancements. They will share the impact of the AI on their businesses, and how to reflect this massive change on their strategies, how to communicate it and how to bring the stakeholders and their teams along. 

They will share how to be shape-shifters!


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