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Dare or Die Bullseye: Future of Business with AI

Is your business ready for the AI revolution? Join us in The Innovation Room podcast, where we explore how businesses can assess their future with AI.

In Episode 40: 'Dare or Die Bullseye: Future of Business with AI', Elliott Prince, Director of Product Design, and Matt Mehrjardi, CTO of Geeks, joined me in the conversation. Within this discussion, we provide a framework for evaluating the future of your business in the AI age.

Key takeaways include:

  • Look globally at how AI is changing customer expectations
  • Localise your ideas to your region and culture
  • Determine if your industry will still be relevant
  • Adopt AI before competitors overtake you
  • Identify the human essence of your business and enhance it with AI

Watch or listen to Episode 40 now:



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