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A Recipe for Change

In the ground-breaking series "AI - Return on Change," I lead you on an enlightening exploration into the dynamics of technological adaptation and digital evolution in the episode, "A Recipe for Change".

Our distinguished guest, Lee Kingshott, Chief Technology Officer at PAM Group, shines a light on his impressive career where he has untangled convoluted and non-functional technical strategies to bring cohesion and productivity to organisations. Lee not only aligns business plans with technical strategies but is also an embodiment of an explorer's mindset, drawing inspiration from Ernest Shackleton's adventurous spirit.

In this episode, we deep-dive into the transformative elements of Digital Evolution, uncovering the crucial ingredients of change. From the power of communication to the significance of trust in leadership, we explore diverse facets. We also delve into the fast-evolving realm of AI in healthcare, exploring its transformative potential.

Lee helps us understand what it takes to become a masterchef of empowerment, navigating the complexities of change management in the Age of AI. Don't just observe from the sidelines; it's time to adapt, transform, and master the art of achieving "The Return on Change". 

Tune in to this intriguing journey and let's redefine the digital landscape together. Watch or listen now:



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