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5 Advantages of Business Process Automation

Business processes that aren’t streamlined can create issues with time and money for companies. Business Process Automation (BPA) can overcome this problem by analyzing and optimising current business processes, increasing the quality and efficiency of operations.

 There are many elements that challenge the process flows of businesses which BPA can solve. The first stages are modelling and analysis, however business process automation software goes beyond this to solve problems which are not able to be manually controlled. This could be through automation or by removing the need for human intervention.

#1 Faster turnover time

Manually, there is a limit to how fast business processes can be completed. Automation can reduce this time significantly since it allows tasks to be completely simultaneously, constantly progressing, and prompting where deadlines occur.


Unnecessary tasks can increase the overall time that it takes to complete business processes, however BPA uses modelling to get rid of these tasks and optimise the flow of information. This allows companies to realign their priorities and streamline their day to day operations. This decreases the overall time that it takes to complete vital business processes.

#2 Tracking, monitoring and reporting

Businesses have to make estimates based on common sense, rather than incorporating the necessary data and being presented with greater, more accurate information to utilise. The problem with manual process flow is that it is unable to automatically monitor data taken from application, leaving it incomplete.


For this reason, one area that is increasingly attracting investment is Business Intelligence Software. This is able to make smart decisions based on data generated from business information gathered. Process automation routinely collects and processes data. This data is then available to businesses for monitoring and analysis, giving companies the ability to make better decisions. BPO enhances the way management can report on regular activity as records are automatically collected and interpreted.

#3 Getting rid of human error

People will always make mistakes when working manually, particularly when the workload is heavy. A key benefit of BPA is that it helps reduce human error by making checks and performing high-quality tasks regularly behind the scenes. There is no room for human error within individual stages of work because each stage is automated. It gives computer-aided data to check for logical errors, leading to up to a 40% improvement in human error.

#4 Workload is decreased

Businesses can experience growth issues due to manually completed work which can take an unreasonably long time, particularly when it is complex. It makes sense to decrease the manual workload of employees to best utilise their skills and focus on their core competencies. Application software allows information to be gathered quickly from difference sources and systems, collaborated to automatically generate reports.


From spell checking to complex calculations, application software can help employees to get the work done, but BPA software frees them completely to undertake different responsibilities and work more efficiently within the business.

#5 Compliance made simpler

Businesses need to ensure that they are working in compliance to legal standards. They must train each employee in compliance so that they can take responsibility legally in the case of something going wrong. There is significant room for error which could lead to complications where rules are not kept to e.g. within the financial services industry. With BPA you don’t need to worry about this, since the automated process enables that all rules are always followed.

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