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Series: Digital Is From Venus

Winter 2023

To be really successful in the digital world, businesses have to adapt psychological traits and behaviours that are more often associated with the female mind. In other words, If a traditional business is from Mars, the digital one is from Venus. This is not a trite phrase used to superficially leech the latest cultural trends. In this series, we share insights on how successful businesses increasingly have a more female perspectives on how to organise a modern and future-proof business.

Despite the richness of data resources at our disposal, the modern world has become too complex for one mind to grasp it fully. To be successful in the diverse, constantly shifting VUCA modern business world, to create what evolutionary biologists call 'survival fitness', one needs a different mindframe.

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The modern world is a complex beast, and no one mind can hope to tame it. The beast is constantly expanding the liminal spaces that leaders need to navigate.


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