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Series: The tango of M&A with Innovation

Summer 2022

In the fast pace changing world of business, leaders are under pressure to deliver more innovation. From fostering the culture of innovation in the business to acquiring innovation through M&A, the business leaders need to keep all options open. In this series, we look at the different aspects of the relationship between M&A and innovation. We spoke with experts on both sides of the table on how innovation will be evaluated in the M&A market. We discussed the challenges and opportunities in acquiring innovation and integrating it into the parent business.

The M&A industry has witnessed major shifts with the changing perceptions of SME business owners. The mindsets are catching up as businesses are now considering technology to be a digital disrupter, a key player in making acquisitions successful.

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Innovation can come from pretty much anybody. All it needs is a little bit of a spark, a tinge of outside-the-box thinking, and the boldness to believe and share. However, people who can consistently come up with creative solutions don’t do so by accident. They usually have certain traits that set them apart from the rest.

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In this episode of the Innovation Room, Somayeh sits down with Sat Sanghera, CEO of IP Integration, to talk about those questions and more.


The M&A market is booming. In 2021, M&A deals reached nearly $6 trillion in value; more than any other year in history. Don’t let the figures fool you, though. Acquiring a business is not, by any means, a risk-free investment.

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Have you ever wondered whether innovation is something you can acquire? Well, a simple answer would be yes, but in fact, most companies fail to do that.


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