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Our Innovations

We break through the status quo

There’s what if, and what’s next

True change comes from turning vision into value, fast. As your total tech partner, we work with you to deliver software solutions that create real advantages for you, your customers and your entire organisation.


DiGence is a smart way of looking at how your organisation uses technology to empower your team, optimise your day-to-day processes, and enhance your customers’ experience. It answers questions like "Where to begin?", "What is the impact of implementing a technology?", "How to develop a roadmap for our digital transformation?" etc. 

It generates invaluable insights into your business, revealing the actual pain points, inefficiencies and sneaky leaks hurting your profits and ability to scale up. It will establish your current digital level and produce a technology roadmap that could accelerate your business plans.

Visual Spec

VisualSpec is an interactive framework that bridges the gap between ideas, design, and development.  It enables you to turn concepts into tangible assets as efficiently as possible with minimum investment, so you can decide if they are worth going all the way to the implementation.  

It is designed with a focus on data-driven systems with heavy business logic and information architecture. So your team of Geeks and you can efficiently and effectively test different solutions and decide which ones are the most suitable for your idea/requirement.

In recognition of VisualSpec impact on software development, in combination with M#, Geeks was awarded the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2014.


Fitsuite was born out of our observation that while each business is unique, its own set of challenges and processes - a customisable suite of apps, developed flexible and scalable enough to grow and evolve with the company, is what makes the most significant difference for our clients.

With a modern microservices architecture, this holistic approach places the business in the best position to have what they need today. Rest assured, it can cope with tomorrow's needs, too, empowering the company to grow and innovate continually.


OLIVE is an open-source framework on top of the latest Microsoft .Net Core technologies.

It provides a rich set of libraries and tools to accelerate business application development. From the ground up, it has been designed to suit the needs of modern business applications by providing a state-of-the-art foundation for microservices, serverless, and other cloud-native architectural patterns.

Applications built on top of OLIVE benefit from higher code quality and reliability, as well as reduced development and maintenance costs.


M# (M-Sharp) is a model-driven programming acceleration tool with the purpose to empower software engineers to focus on the complex art of the software. We don't just automate what's possible for our clients, M# is automating what's possible for us, so we can focus on what we can do best, solving complex challenges.

M# manages 90% of the code through automation and eliminates most human errors. It has been proven to result in better, safer, and more reliable code, at least 4X faster.

In recognition of M# impact on software development, in combination with VisualSpec, Geeks was awarded the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2014.


Pangolin helps shift the paradigm of test scripting from low-level artifacts to high-level English-like scenarios that can actually execute.

It puts the user journeys and workflows at the center of the test automation efforts. By focusing on what truly matters. To make it a reality, Pangolin introduces a cutting-edge cloud-based execution technology that allows thousands of test scripts to be run in parallel.

In recognition of this innovation, Pangolin was a 2019 finalist at the European Software Testing Awards as the most innovative product.


GCop is a code-diagnosis software robot (a Visual Studio extension) that activity observers the code in real-time. It looks for hundreds of common programming mistakes and best practices to inform the developers to improve the code instantly.

By facilitating earlier detection of potential problems it will result in better, cleaner, more consistent and robust code.